Is Instagram Down or Hacked? Error logging in, Unable to Post Stories, Direct Messages & More; When Will Instagram be Fixed? #instagramdown

Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are down currently experiencing a global outage for reasons that are best known to only to the Facebook and Instagram team. Several users have now taken it to Twitter and are of the opinion that maybe the social media giant was the victim of a massive hack attack.

Several first-hand reports for Instagram are cropping up on Twitter by users, so if you’re experiencing these issues, you’re not the only one!

@MonikaaMatic wrote: “I’m from Croatia(Europe). I can’t send pictures and voice messages on WhatsApp, like pictures on Instagram, but Facebook works fine. It’s 1.40AM here.”

Maggie wrote: “OMG …. O.M.G … facebookdown … whatsapp down …. instagramdown ….
How will we survive next 10 hours or so?!!”

Unable to post Instagram stories

Steph wrote: “Some things are slowly coming back with @instagram. It refreshes sometimes and some stories people posted this morning are loading up all the way, one by one 😬”

Carlis wrote: “Ok @instagram we get it. You’ve made your point. I’ve finished my book. Can I post my story now?”

Is Instagram down? Instagram Inbox and Login not working

Multiple reports of Instagram inboxes not sending or receiving messages are being posted on Twitter. People are also unable to login to their Instagram accounts and are seeing errors like “we couldn’t connect to Instagram. make sure you’re connected to the internet and try again.”

Users are unable to login to Instagram
Users are unable to login to Instagram

One frustrated user @adotKuku wrote: “Its been acting up for at least 3 hours now. What’s going on!! I can’t even see my own inbox 📨 The worst thing about it you guys have so many technicians and workers at the HQ, why wouldn’t you guys at least try to keep us updated? I’m missing out on business and much more !!”

@KaustubhMangal2 says: “#instagram unable to logging in, showing unknown network error, #Facebook showing two days old feeds #instagramdown #facebookdown

Unable to Post Instagram stories?

Peyton wrote: “Instagram being down all day and uploading my story in mixed up order is PI**IN ME OFF”

Instagram Explore Page Feed is also not working

Twitter user @dolanistyping posted: “Like it’s actually down, my explore page feed is f**ked, it won’t let me access my DMS on any of my accounts, other apps are working but Instagram is just down skdjd.”

Some users are concerned that Instagram is hacked

@Seven16 wrote: “I’m amazed Instagram has been down for so long. I have a feeling it’s a DDoS attack of some kind, or it could be a serious hack, which means all our DMs and sh*t could be made public for the world to see. We should be terrified.”

@Jeongkookie6 is concerned that their account may be deleted during this downtime! They said, “Okay so I tried looking up my account online and it said there was an error??? So @instagram did you delete me account?? And I tried my other one still doesn’t work and can’t find that one ether??”

@patonmaraton wrote: Atau ini @instagram sama @WhatsApp yang lagi ngelu? Saya upload gambar di dua aplikasi itu gak bisa2. Tolong DM saya utk penjelasannya, saya gak biasa ngajak berantem. Takut mas.

Some users are reporting that their DMs have been deleted!

@mfdragun reported to @instagram that their DMs were deleted: “I’m- All my dms were deleted I had some good di- I mean good friends on there.”