Is Instagram Down Again? Users Reporting Outage and Downtime, Trouble Posting

    Is Instagram Down Again

    ‘Is Instagram down again?’, users of the popular social network began asking this question to each other earlier today. The popular social media platform seems to be facing a number of downtimes and outages of late – with this being the latest one! Let us take a closer look:

    Is Instagram Down Again?

    Is Instagram Down Not Loading

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    Earlier today, a large number of Instagram users reported that they were unable to access their accounts. Some users who were able to open Instagram were seeing older posts. Others pointed out that they were not able to view the stories posted by their friends.

    Some complained that they were not able to add new posts on to the platform. This led to a number of users being upset as this is the second outage on the platform in less than a week!

    Users Complain about Instagram being Down on Twitter

    Users of the platform took to other social media platforms such as Twitter and Reddit to complain. Most of them were asking each other: “is Instagram down”? Here’s a look at some Twitter outrage:

    Is Instagram Down Twitter

    Image Daily Express

    @juliana_lee0 tweets “Is it just me or did @instagram get worse after #instagramdown? Literally thinking about just deleting @instagram because at this point it’s not worth it. Special thanks to @Twitter for being amazing! #instagram”

    @dhawalranka shares “instagram down for 2nd time in a week.
    to all the people rushing to twitter. welcome home. #instagramdown”

    @kandil_widad tweets “Facebook & instagram Is down again so I decided to login to Twitter 😀😀
    #FacebookDown #instagramdown”

    @dancetvthis writes “@instagram #instagramdown i still can’t log in fix your dumb app i swear to god”

    Why is Instagram Down?

    There are many possible reasons as to why Instagram is down. However, a safe assumption here could be that the company might be upgrading their servers. This is one of the most common reasons for big platforms to experience downtime.

    Is Instagram Down Not Working

    Image Daily Express

    Furthermore, an unusual load on the network can also cause servers to malfunction. Perhaps this is why Instagram is down. Stay tuned for more updates!

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