Will The Fifth Season of High School DxD Ever Happen?

It’s been five years since we witnessed Issei Hyodo and Rias Gremory’s long-awaited confession. Fans of the cult-hit anime High School DxD are now itching for a fifth season, leaving us all to wonder: “Is the harem saga really over, or is this just the calm before another storm of lewd comedy and high-stakes devilish battles?”

The Journey So Far: From Light Novels to a Manga New York Times Bestseller

Initially launched as a light novel by Ichiei Ishibumi, High School DxD received the manga treatment from Hiroji Mishima. His vivid illustrations propelled the series into stardom, even landing it on the New York Times Best Seller list. Not just that, Oricon also tagged it as the top-selling light novel series, setting the stage for its anime adaptation by Studio TNK.

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Is High School DxD Coming Back? What Fans Need to Know About the Long-Awaited Season 5
Is High School DxD Coming Back? What Fans Need to Know About the Long-Awaited Season 5

Record-Breaking Viewership and the Switch to Studio Passione

The anime adaptation broke all records for harem series and proved that the magic lay not just in its saucy content but in its unique amalgamation of fantasy, comedy, adventure, and romance. However, creative differences saw a change in studios from TNK to Studio Passione for its fourth season.

The reason why the series could captivate so many fans is that it splendidly combined a unique harem-fantasy plot with spectacular bits of action, adventure, comedy, and romance.

This explains why this change didn’t halt its march toward success.

The Never-ending Wait for Season 5

While the fourth season concluded on a high, five years have passed without any official announcements. Despite the apparent silence, the anime’s massive popularity and abundant source material up to light novel volume 25 indicate a fifth season could still be on the horizon. So, the question,

Will There Be a High School DxD Season 5?

continues to hang in the air.

Reasons for the Delay: Inside Studio Passione

Studio Passione, known for only producing two series a year, is currently involved in other projects. Unless they expand their bandwidth, the chance of a new season dropping soon is slim. Furthermore, the lack of any official announcements has fuelled unconfirmed rumors that production for the fifth season has already begun. But as they say, no news is not always good news.

What Could Be Next: Season 5 Plot Expectations

If a fifth season does materialize, it’s likely to pick up right where the fourth season left off. With arcs that could involve Koneko’s heat cycle, Issei’s attempt to become a High-Ranking Devil, and his ever-growing harem, fans have a lot to look forward to.

We can expect that the High School DxD season 5 will pick the story from exactly where the previous season ended,

offering plenty of action and romantic tensions.

Is High School DxD Coming Back? What Fans Need to Know About the Long-Awaited Season 5
Is High School DxD Coming Back? What Fans Need to Know About the Long-Awaited Season 5

The Trailer and Cast Hopes

As of now, there’s no official trailer for season 5. But that hasn’t stopped speculations about its existence. Regarding the cast, it’s expected that the core voice actors will reprise their roles, given they have stuck with the series since its inception.


High School DxD is a series that has charmed its way into the hearts of fans, skilfully combining various genres to create a narrative unlike any other. While the fifth season remains unconfirmed, the excitement is undeniable. All we can do is wait and hope that we get to see more of Issei, Rias, and their supernatural gang soon.