Several Game of Thrones fans have been wondering if season 8 the end of their beloved show. They are waiting to hear that there would be another season or an entire prequel spin-off series based on it. Read on to know more about it.

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Is Season 8 the last GoT season? Will there be another season of Game of Thrones?

Sadly, this is the end. The show will wrap up with its eighth season. The show is based on novel series titled A Song of Ice and Fire written by George R.R. Martin. While the show has long surpassed the novel story, Martin is still busy writing his books.

The showrunners already know about Martin’s plans regarding the story’s conclusion. So the book readers will get lots of spoilers after watching the Game of Thrones ending. Previously, Martin has said that they could have made a couple more seasons. However, Dan and David were not ready for a GoT season 9 or season 10. Seven seasons were enough for them.

Game of Thrones ending season 9 prequel

Martin went on to say,

There was a period like five years ago when they were saying seven seasons and I was saying 10 seasons and they won, they’re the ones actually working on it.

Now, they can’t do more seasons, but everyone would be happy to delay the ending for some time. Everyone knew that it would be really hard to say goodbye when the show ends. But it turned out to be even more difficult than that.

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Will there be another series based on the show?

Games of Thrones season 8 ending prequel

Even though Game of Thrones season 8 is going to be the finale season of the show, there could be another spin-off series based on the show. The prequel series is not given a title yet.