Emma Watson’s dating life is a mystery for the fans until now. The rumors surrounding Harry Potter star’s dating life are never-ending. A new name has recently emerged, and maybe this time it may turn out to be true.

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Who is Emma Watson dating these days?

Earlier, fans heard the rumors about Emma Watson dating her co-star Tom Felton. The two spent quite some time together, and they also shared several pictures on their Instagram handles. Recently, the actress was spotted at The Spotted Pig on 21 May. The two appeared to be really close as they giggled, joked, chatted, and had a great time together at dinner.

Alicia Keys brother Emma Watson dating
Credits: Daily Mail

Sources reported that this time the man who Emma was spotted with is none other than Alicia Keys’ brother Cole Cook. The two looked cute together and looked smitten as they chatted with one another on the street. Cole was even seen playfully putting his arm around Emma.

Cole Cook is the co-founder of Timeless Eye, a small creative agency, as shown on his Instagram profile. The platform aims at bridging the gap between consumers and brands using immersive digital storytelling.

Alicia Keys brother Emma Watson dating
Credits: Pop Sugar

There are no details about how the romance sparked between Cole and Emma. If the rumors turn out to be true, the two will make a fantastic couple.

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The fans will be delighted to know about it. But as we don’t have all the details till now, we will have to be a little patient.