Author and Illustrator Yūki Tabata’s Black Clover has been the fan favorite for quite a while. Being one of the best-selling mangas, it has been adapted into an anime series as well releasing 4 seasons to date.

Has Black Clover been completed? What is the latest update? Know it all right here.

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Black Clover Manga and Anime Status: What to Expect?

The Black Clover Anime series recently wrapped up with Season 4. The last episode of Black Clover Season 4 ended with the main protagonist Asta and Liebe, coming to the same page and putting the Spade Kingdom Raid arc on hold.

Is Black Clover ending? When is the next release of the manga and the anime? Details inside!!!
Black Clover

Fans since then have been waiting patiently for Season 5. Unfortunately, there isn’t any official confirmation of Season 5. Rumor says that the anime series was put to a halt because it was rapidly catching up to the manga series.

On the brighter side, the makers of the Black Clover franchise have announced the news of a new film Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard Kingdom soon to be released on June 16, 2023, on Netflix. So before Season 5, which can be expected to air in late 2023 or 2024, fans will get to enjoy the new film from the franchise.

Here is the official trailer, watch it right here.

The manga series, on the other hand, has been on a hiatus for almost a month after its latest chapter 358, and fans became really impatient waiting for the release date of the next chapter. Again, the chapter ended with a climax where Mereoleona revealed her new powers called Flame Burial to fight Morris.

Is Black Clover ending? When is the next release of the manga and the anime? Details inside!!!
Mereoleona in the manga series

The latest chapter 359, however, is soon to be released on 21st May. The anime series, as hinted by Yuki Tabata and Shonen Jump, is in the final arc. The final arc can be interpreted as a saga even if it indicates that it is about to conclude. This may suggest that there may be several story arcs in the next chapters of the series.

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Kurai ⟠
"is Black Clover ending this year?"
"is this the last BC arc?"
No it's not, we still gonna have more Black Clover till the foreseeable future thankfully 🙏🏽
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So we can say, the manga series isn’t coming to an end soon and may continue at least till the mid of 2024.

Read the latest chapters of the Black Clover manga series on Viz Media.

Watch the anime series online only on Crunchyroll.