benedict cumberbatch and sophie hunter

Benedict Cumberbatch and Sofia Hunter’s relationship seems to be in trouble according to recent reports. Rumours have stated that the couple may be on the verge of getting a divorce because the actor is too busy with his work on the silver screen to pay attention to his family.


Money at the cost of the family?

Benedict Cumberbatch and Sofia Hunter
Benedict Cumberbatch and Sofia Hunter

A lot of speculations have been surrounding the relationship since the release of Avengers Endgame. Over and over again, Benedict has been accused of neglecting his family including his wife Sofia Hunter and their children. It appears that the busy schedule of the star takes up most of his time and he does not have much left for his family.

An entertainment magazine stated that all the Benedict is making a lot of money because of his contract with Marvel, but all of this is coming at a price that may be too high. Recent reports suggested that he has signed a contract with the studio for a second Doctor Strange movie.

Benedict Cumberbatch divorce rumours may be baseless

Benedict Cumberbatch and Sofia HunterUnfortunately, the result is that there is no time left for his family and this has become a big problem for his wife. The source also revealed that it is certainly difficult to pass up the high profile offers he has been getting. Benedict Cumberbatch has made a fortune because of his deal with Marvel, but that also results in eating up the time that he should reserve for his family.

However, the rumours may be baseless in the end because the couple attended 2019 Met Gala together last month. They walked on the red carpet hand in hand and their body language did not suggest that there was anything negative going on between them.