Apple iPhone users, we have news for you. A study was conducted to find who uses phone more behind the wheels. It was conducted by The Zebra in the United States. The Zebra is an insurance comparison website. Moreover, it is also a leading insurance search engine in the United States. The reports of this are astonishing.

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 Do iPhone users text more: the study

The study was conducted on 2,107 Americans. The study reveals that iPhone users text as well as take pictures behind the wheels.

Moreover, they browse social media and even watch videos. This is all much more than Android users. Yes, you have read it right. iPhone users do it much more in comparison to Android users.

According to the findings, 51 percent of the iPhone users text while driving. 33 percent of them take photos whereas 20 percent make videos. However, texting is done only by 35 percent of Android users. About 23 percent take photos and only 10 percent make videos.

iPhone users text more behind the wheels?
Source: Pengine

There are also other activities that distract the drivers a lot. This includes checking Facebook and Instagram. Even, checking YouTube also is a part of the list

Who are the most distracted?

Distracted driving is the new normal. However, we still have some serious drivers. They prefer to give full concentration to the road. And this is what we all must do. But which age group is the most distracted?

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According to the study, it is the Millennials. This includes of people who are born between 1980the s and 1990s. About 88 percent have agreed that they do distracted driving.

iPhone users text more behind the wheels?
Distractions often lead to crashes
Source: Cambridge Mobile Telematics

And the least ones to check their phones are the Baby Boomers. These are the people who are born between 1946 and 1964. About 67 percent of them have claimed that they check their phones while driving.

Distracted driving stats of the United States are not so appealing. Almost daily distracted driving causes the death of at least 9 people. In 2016, the total number of distracted driving crashes was 3,450.

This means we need to take serious care while driving. The numbers are alarming. Therefore this requires caution.