Phone 2019 vs Android

The Apple iPhone 2019 with three cameras on the back is something Apple is as of now chipping away at. This comes via a new Bloomberg report. It could come very soon this year. Up to this point, Apple has never gone past two back cameras.

Apple iPhone 2019 vs Android

iPhone 2019 vs Android? Who wins?
iPhone 2019 vs Android? Who wins?

In any case, triple-camera systems are winding up increasingly more well known nowadays with android phones. This gives users greater adaptability with regards to taking shots using their trusty smartphones.

Triple-Camera System: iPhone vs Android

Triple Camera in iPhone soon.
Triple Camera in iPhone soon.

Apple is set to join the Android bandwagon with the successor to the iPhone XS Max, the report says. Current top-of-the line iPhones have two cameras, one being a portrait lens. The third sensor will catch a wider field of view. This is something android has done before in its phones.

Strikingly, this lens will likewise be fit for enrolling more pixels so Apple, through software, could, after a shot is taken, modify it to fit in a subject that may have been incidentally cut off from the initial shot, the report states.

Also, the Live Photos highlight will clearly be stretched out from three seconds to six seconds.

Apple iPhone 2019 Release Date & USB-C :

iPhone 2019 specs: may have a Type-C port.
iPhone 2019 specs: may have a Type-C port.

There will be three Apple iPhone 2019, and the report says their plan will probably be like the present ones. Strikingly, Apple is purportedly trying “versions” of the iPhone 2019 lineup that has USB Type-C ports rather than the traditional Lightning connector.

It isn’t clear whether Apple is affirmed to do the change to USB-C. However, the tests demonstrate it’s thinking about it. The most current iPad Pro has a USB Type-C port, so the possibility of USB-C iPhones is definitely not far by any stretch of the imagination.

The inquiry is whether Apple is happy to let go its exclusive Lightning port for good in return for a more extensive, recognised standard. An incredible number of fans have been asking for this for such a long time.

Other detailed redesigns incorporate quicker processors and a “refreshed Face ID sensor,” as indicated by the report.

3D Camera

iPhone 2019 to have a 3D camera.
iPhone 2019 to have a 3D camera.

Past 2019, Apple is evidently building up a rear-facing, laser-fueled 3D camera that can “scan the environment to make three-dimensional reproductions of the real world.”

It’s not clear what this sensor could be utilized for, however, theory proposes it could enable Apple to improve its expanded reality efforts much further.

The Cupertino brand has been vigorously advancing AR on the current iPhones, however, it hasn’t made much of a splash yet. Maybe this 3D camera could change that.

Time will tell everything now.

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