As per the reports of the Wall Street Journal, Apple has revealed the iPhone 2019 specs, the release date and changes to expect. With the declining sales and loss to Apple in recent business, everybody has their hopes high for this year’s iPhone.

The iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max had just been launched. But plans to launch new design and features have been disclosed. Below are the details.

iPhone 2019 Screen Tech:

Apple has been using the LCD display for its phones for a long time. Now to step into the category of OLED display market, the expensive iPhone would be incorporating this feature.

iPhone 2019 flagships XS and XS Max Sport would be having the OLED display feature but XR Sport would still be carrying the Liquid Retina LCD. Apple might be late for it but using this spec on their iPhones but it’s never too late.

Apple will reportedly use OLED displays for all three 2019 iPhones.
iPhone 2019 series spec would be carrying OLED display for better resolution and detailed display. Credits : TechSpot

The South Korean news source, ET News falsely claimed that OLED iPhone spec would be carried for “all 3 models”. But sooner an analyst for KGI Securities claimed that LCD screens will be present in the list of iPhone 2019 features.

As per recent announcement, Wall Street Journal has confirmed the OLED display as one of the iPhone 2019 feature list. But the release date is still not final nor even rumored.

How good will be the Camera of iPhone 2019?

It was announced in May that the iPhone 2019 models would be having triple camera setup as a new feature. After this, the Economic News Daily announcement gave confirmation for iPhone 2019 feature. It also claimed that iPhone 2019 flagships would be having additional specs of increased detail and better zooming capabilities.

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But in a recent article by the Wall Street Journal clearly told that two flagships would be carrying dual lens setup and the largest would be having triple camera setup.

iPhone 2019 Once Again Rumored To Feature Triple-Lens Camera.
Apple largest iPhone 2019 to carry triple camera setup with stereoscopic imaging. Credits : WCCF tech

Economic News Daily also declared that the triple camera spec would be having 12 megapixels camera each. Which means that better TrueDepth spec for front-facing cameras. Claims also depicted that iPhone 2019 camera would incorporate stereoscopic imaging.

This means iPhone 2019 would be capable of capturing scenes and objects in different angles and then use those images to generate a 3-D imaging effect. This spec would be extravagant.

This news is similar to an earlier rumor by analyst Lu Jialin from Deutsche Securities, which told us that iPhone 2019 would use two stereoscopic lens and one lens having telephoto capability. This would result in capturing of 3-d image and true reality feature. But neither Apple nor any other source has declared any iPhone 2019 release date.

What is ARKit 2.0 in the upcoming iPhone 2019?

In the Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple introduced its ARKit 2.0 as a section of iOS 12 this year. This means that Apple is working on its ARKit and new update also delivers multiple features.

Improved picture tracking, realistic imaging and sustenance to 3D objects are key features of it.

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Apple at Worldwide Developer Conference unveiled its ARKit 2.0 with additional feature support.
iPhone 2019 will have ARKit 2.0 additional update released during the iOS 12 software release. Credits : Road Tovr

iPhone 2019 feature list will also include AR game mode, multiple user virtual mode and augmentation to multi-user. With triple lens technology it would impressive to look for future of ARKit.

Will there be a change in iPhone 2019 design?

In 2018, we experienced the notch display of screens in iPhone series. But in last year Honor View 20 and Samsung A8s with punch hole technology. To compete with the technology it is rumored iPhone 2019 might be having a similar design.

Ice Universe declared that iPhone 2019 phones would still be carrying notch display. This was also confirmed as per Patent Filed during June 2018. So it may be final that Apple would be carrying notch display as earlier in 2019 too.

YouTube video

iPhone also filed a Patent in relation to using ceramic for body of its phones which would be manufactured in multiple colors. It would definitely alter future of Apple.

A patent showed that iPhone was having different colored bars at top and bottom. It also means that Apple logo could be in different colors from the body. The iPhone 2019 release date has still not been decided by Apple nor any other source has declared.

3D Touch is supposed to be removed from iPhone 2019

After every new flagship declaration, it is always guessed that new features and tech would be included in the phone. But Apple also steps forward in removal of features which had turned to be useless. And this time it would be 3D touch.

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In earlier iPhone specs, 3D touch was a feature introduced and marketed. But it offered nothing interesting. And customer didn’t appreciate the feature and so Apple is taking this step.

Apple would be removing the 3D touch as it of no use to its customers.
iPhone 3D touch lets you use multiple features of an app without opening it. Credits : Business Insider

By the removal of this useless feature, it is showing some bold step of the company.

Ming-Chi Kuo an analyst said,

Apple should be drooping 3D touch capability as soon as in 2019.

An analyst from Barclays also suggested the same thought of removal of the feature in near future. In 2018 when iPhone launched it series, XR was the first ever flagship not having the 3D touch.

Apple may be removing the feature in its entry-level segment but it is definite that this feature would be removed in 2019.

Source: Digital TrendsWall Street Journal and Economic Times News