Apple iPad Mini has been in the market since long. The series has not received any recent update. Apple as of now is planning to launch its newer and better iPad Mini 5 in 2019.

People who are ready to buy a new tablet in the market should wait a few more weeks. The iPad Pro series are having multiple features but it comes with a price tag and that’s expensive. The baseline model is also quite an investment when compared to the iPad Mini.

Mini 4 was launched in September 2015 and since then there has not been any update to the model. In 2018, there were multiple rumors but nothing came in the market.

Apple could launch iPad Mini 5 in 2019.
Apple Rumors to launch its iPad Mini 5 and a 10 inch Tab. Credits: Wait Feed

This time a reliable source Ming-Chi Kuo an analyst, declared that Apple is working on launching the iPad Mini 5 this year. Another report from China Times announced that the company is planning to launch the device this year.

There have not been any leaks regarding the specifications that it would be carrying. But as per the iPad Pro series, we can comprehend that it is gonna be a worth it upgrade.

Much Affordable iPad Mini

If the consumer wants a tablet but doesn’t want to spend that hefty amount on iPad Pro series then iPad Mini 5 will be a gem.

iPad Pro series is carrying an expensive batch with it. Buying it would set-back you multiple dollars. But after the launch of Mini 5, you would be getting a much more affordable device in hand.

Currently, iPad Mini series is having a 128 GB storage and costs around  $399. The newer model with screen size 9.7 inch and Apple Pencil support ranges from  $329-$429.

The newer model is rumored to have a price tag that could be around $399. This price tag as per analysts is quite a bargain to have in comparison to the Pro series.

iPad Pencil Support

The iPad Mini 4 does not support the Apple Pencil. The newer 9.7 inch iPad launched in 2018 was given the support. This is an optional gadget with the device.

In 2018, Apple launched its Pencil with iPad Pro.
The all new iPad Pencil available as on optional accessory. Credits: Domayne

iPad Pencil got a new launch in 2018 with changes to look for. New charging mechanism, as well as multiple new functions, were added to it.

It has been rumored that iPad Mini 5 will be receiving the Pencil support and that would be a major update to the series. If you want to use the iPad not just for videos and games but for more then Pencil is handy.

Better Hardware Upgrade

The iPad Mini currently carries the same hardware since 2015 and for some people it would be enough but not for tech geeks. The newer hardware will include a new processor, camera, better screen and much more.

As per Kuo, Apple is planning to plant a new better processor but not the A12X processor. But it would be better than the A8 processor on which it is currently boosting.

The iPad Mini would be getting a similar tech hardware.
iPad Pro with Face ID rumors bolstered by iOS 12.1 beta. Credits: Heckler Design

This means there would be a better visual as well as smoother flow in the working. This would result in better gaming performance and better battery backup.

It is definite that Apple would not be using the 8 MP rear camera and 1.2 MP front-facing camera on the new model. As the iOS 12 focuses on video calls more then, the company would be providing much better front camera.

In an earlier leak of the iPad Mini 5, it was observed that there would be 4 speaker setup with similar camera placement as the Pro series and a cut out at the corner for Smart Connect for keyboard support.

Release Date News 

As per Kuo announcement, he told that the iPad Mini would be launched with the Pro series on October the 17. But it missed that date. After that he said that it should be launched in late 2018 or the beginning of 2019.

Apple always conducts its annual spring event in the month of March every year. New hardware is always launched during that event. So iPad Mini could be launched in the same event but not sooner.

Apple might launch it's iPad Mini 5 in the WWDC event this fall.
WWDC event is held for all tech geeks waiting for hardware as well as a software update. Credits: CIO

This means consumers who are in immediate need of a new tablet have to wait at least until March. Otherwise, they could buy any other tablet that could fulfill their needs and not be a setback to their pockets.

But if it misses this event then it could be launched in WWDC event or the annual fall event in September. Definitely, no sure date is fixed but 2019 is fixed to have the new iPad Mini.

Software Support to get Better

It is definite that iPad Mini 5 will receive at least 4 years of continuous software updates. This is good news for people who want to hold onto this device.

This would be getting a full iOS 12 software support or might also receive the iOS 13 installed if it gets launched until the fall event. This means 4+ years of updates, new features, security patches, and better UI experience.

iPhone XS Max in comparison to iPad Mini 5

If you either own an XS Max or planning to own the iPad Mini 5 would not pleasure you much. The 6.5 inch iPhone is also a better option as the gaming experience and other features ate quite impressive on the model.

The XS Max being the flagship is a good option and is currently available. This means you need not to wait for iPad Mini 5. But in need of a tablet and only tablet would suffice your need then do wait for the Mini 5.

iPhone XS Max having bigger screen is close enough to iPad Mini 5.
The iPhone XS Max was launched on October 30 2018. Credits: iStyle

The XS Max will definitely be having much better support as well as better experience. The Mini 5 will not suffice and would also not make you happy.

The 3.5 mm jack will be removed from the new series as Apple has dropped the jack from iPhone 7.

But if you are getting a better option such as Samsung Tab A 10.5 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 then opt for that. Don’t wait that long that you lose interest in buying the device. Similar options with better hardware or something better that suits you much that go for it.

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