iOS App Store vs Android Play Store

Google’s Android has the largest market share in the mobile operating system, followed by Apple’s iOS. Both of these ecosystems have dedicated App Stores that cater to the needs of users.

A report of Bloomberg indicates that these App Stores are pulling in billions of dollars for the two tech giants, $100 billion to be precise.

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Interestingly, Google handled about 25 percent of the total volume, while Apple handled 45 percent of the total amount even though it has a lower market share in terms of presence.

It should be noted that both Google and Apple take 30 percent cut in the sales done by their network.

Sensor Tower mobile market analytics recently presented their research on the total money spent by the consumers through the Android’s Play Store and iOS App Store.

According to the findings, Google and Apple have a hold over the 95 percent total market spending in United States mobile app spending. The other five percent belongs to the lesser known App Stores.

Average revenue of top publishers Google Play Store and Apple App Store

Sensor Tower compared the average money made by the top hundred publishers on Google Play Store and App Store.

Google PlayStore

As expected, the top hundred publishers on Apple App Store made 64 percent more than the publishers on Google Play Store.

The total revenue generated by the top hundred of App Store was $83.8 million, while the top hundred of Google Play Store made $51 million.

Money made on Gaming Apps

The data revealed that users on Android as well as iOS spent a lot of money on games.

App Store Revenue

However, the Play Store still made less than its counterpart. The top hundred game publishers on Apple App Store made $70 million while the Play Store generated $48 million, which is 48 percent lower than the App Store.

Final Thoughts

Android has the largest market share in terms of the device, but it still lags behind iOS when it comes to the money being made. There are several reasons the big two are Google’s absence in China and a large number of low-quality apps.

Google Play Store

Apple manages to make a ton of money by creating a highly restrive and monitored ecosystem.