Apple iOS 14 MacOS 2020 Hybrid OS

Apple iOS 14 might look like a long time away, but it appears that work on the upcoming mobile OS has already begun. While iOS 13 is going to be the next big release this year, the company is already preparing for 2020. A video concept showcases what appears to be Apple’s iOS 14 running alongside MacOS 2020.

Apple iOS 14 Features MacOS 2020
Image: YouTube

This means that Apple is planning to integrate both their Operating Systems closer together and merge them into a single experience. Let us take a closer look at what this video is about:

Apple iOS 14 and MacOS 2020 To Work Together as a Hybrid OS?

The OS has split-screen capability which allows the users to work on two full screens at the same time. However, if they wish to use a single screen, that option is also there. The app history panel from iPad’s makes an appearance on this new iOS 14 and MacOS 2020 hybrid.

Apple iOS 14 MacOS 2020 Hybrid OS Dekstop
Image: YouTube

Interestingly, this MacOS 2020 hybrid will also support touch-screen where users can use the four-finger gestures to pull the apps from one place to another. An iOS-styled widgets and control centre are also a part of this hybrid OS.

Is This How The Final Version of iOS 14 Would Look Like?

Apple iOS 14 Layout
Image: YouTube

Thankfully, the answer is no. Not many users were pleased with this video of iOS 14 and MacOS 2020 hybrid Operating System where both the Operating Systems seem to be merged into one.

This video is not an official video from Apple, but created by a German designer, Thomas Weinreich, who believes that the old-school desktop systems need to evolve.

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