Apple has released the new iOS 13.5 beta update for the users. And as the world is currently battling with the coronavirus. Probably, the new update will also include regular updates about coronavirus. Also, the new API will help the coronavirus tracking apps to function efficiently.

But, we cannot say that this iOS 13.5 Beta is only focussed on updates related to coronavirus. Instead, it has majorly three updates. One of the changes is in the Face ID. This would help those who are frustrated most of the time when they unlock their phone while wearing a mask. Thus, this new update will help the users to skip this feature and use a passcode instead.

iOS 13.5 beta brings update on coronavirus

Secondly, the updated feature related to coronavirus is Apple’s FaceTime. Like the other video conferencing tools, Group FaceTime also gradually enlarges the person who is speaking. But when in a group call, many people are speaking together, it becomes very dizzy to watch the ongoing call. But, iOS 13.5 will help the users to opt whether they want to keep this feature on or off.

Apple iOS 13.5 beta update

The beta version also includes API for Google and Apple’s upcoming contact tracing structure. This essentially lays down features so that both iOS and Android devices can keep doing a contact tracing in the background. This will also ensure that no location information leaks take place.

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The beat version of iOS 13.5 is now available to use. But also the beta updates are sometimes unstable. So, we would recommend if you are ready to take the risk, you can definitely try the new beta version.