Nigeria’s federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) accused of unlawful arrests, torture, and murder.

Hundreds of people have taken to the streets in protest against SARS, a branch of the Nigerian Police Force after a video of a man allegedly being killed by police went viral.

The #EndSARS hashtag, first used in 2018 when the Police Chief of Nigeria re-organized SARS after public condemnation about the violence that came with their operations.

The protests were initially aimed at the SARS branch, accused of unlawful arrests, torture, and murder, but has since broadened to include all police forces.

Hundreds of youths gathered in Ikeja in central Lagos on Friday, holding banners reading “respect for human rights” and “a more equal society”.

In Abuja, dozens of protesters also gathered and police forces used tear gas to disperse protesters, according to witness accounts.

Saturday morning, #EndSARS is trending with over 4.72 million tweets.

The movement has gained the attention of a handful of international public figures standing in solidarity with the people of Nigeria,