Hello, beautiful people. Today we want to tell you a secret. It’s that grey never goes out of style. Sssh! Don’t tell this thing to anyone. Or maybe, you can tell everyone just like celebrity colorist Jack Martin. He strongly believes that grey hair color looks so good.  And we couldn’t agree more.

To make his clients ditch hair color, Martin has developed a technique. He even posts the before-and-after pictures of people embracing grey hair to motivate others.  Also, to know about hair and scalp, we talked to Madeleine Preston. She is a popular trichologist and she says that women in their 30’s start seeing a few grey hairs. 

If you also want to see how badass these people look who are embracing their grey hair, keep scrolling. 

What Martin does is that he starts the process by bleaching the entire hair, leaving the gray roots. After that, he adds the new color to the hair’s natural gray pattern.

“Some clients have salt and pepper mostly in the front and the back is darker, so I match that and add some darkness to it.”

“Now, many women have about four to five inches of a new regrowth so they’ve started to see how beautiful their gray is naturally,” he said. “Being quarantined at home for three to four months, seeing how much gray hair they have and how beautiful their gray hair is, many women have changed their minds and decided that they want to go this way.”