As much as the taste, the looks of a dish also matter. After all, visuals can do wonders. If food looks unappetizing, we’re likely to say, “Are you friggin’ kiddin’ me? Do I look like a troll with no standards?”

Also, there’s a whole Instagram account that shares pictures of the worst dishes that someone dared to serve. Scroll down to see awful dishes that you’d never want to see on your table or in your fridge.

Rolled Ice Cream With Chocolate Fudge Topping

Imagine Being Killed, Ground Up And Then Being Shaped Into Your Original Body. Beautiful

Coffee From The Coffee Machine At My Uni

$15 “Grilled” Veggie Sub

Ordered Cheese Fries

This Pizza At My University

I Ordered A Banana And Water And They Put The Banana In The Water!

“Exotic Salad”  

(Very) Poisonous Fugu Fish, Now Free With Your Dried Anchovies!

Chocolate Gnocchi From Trader Joe’s. Thought The Whipped Cream Would Help But Now It Just Looks Like A Poop Sundae

Aight Imma Head Out

I Love When Fast Food Chicken Has A Nice, Seared Crust And A Juicy, Rare Center

Chinese Place Surprised Me With This Nice Dessert


Subway Pizza In Brazil

This Baked Potato I Got At Work

I Want To Thank Taco Bell For Saving The Best Part Of The Tomatoes For My Taco Specifically

Found This At My Local Pharmacy

A Chicken Sandwich

Kiwi Pizza From A Danish Pizzeria, An Unholy Abomination


Chocolate Orange + Lettuce Baguette (No Butter)

Can Of Beef Stock – Can’t Wait To Mistake This For Beer

This Was $20

Why? Just Why?

Y’all Like Plain Sushi?

Banana Water

I Actually Paid For This “Avocado Toast” At A Cafe By My Apartment

Apparently These Are Pistachio Pancakes

Chicken Sandwich A Friend Of Mine Ordered

Chicken Sandwich A Friend Of Mine Ordered

2 Michelin Star Restaurant Had This On Their Page.⁠how Does This Look?⁠

Ordered Ceased Salad For $15 From One Of The Local Restaurants

She Got Her Favorite At Popeyes. Deep Fried Wrapper!

Potato Salad

Another One From The Hospital