Aah! Instagram. Don’t we just love this amazing platform? Well, of course, we do. That’s why most of the time, we scroll our feed to discover something interesting and trendy. And luckily, we always end up finding something beautiful, pleasing, and attractive. However, sometimes, we also come across highly edited pictures of people. And we are all like “what these people were thinking before uploading such pictures?”.

Certainly, there is nothing wrong with editing pictures. It’s in fact, good because it helps you to make a photo look better than before. But it seems like people do not understand the concept of editing. That’s why they always overedit their pictures, trying to make themselves look like someone they are not.

And after seeing these insane edits, we just want to scream out loud and ask those people to stop posting something that ridiculous and unreal. 

If you want to see what are the popular, weird, funny, and strange edits of this week, keep scrolling. 

Post vs. live stream.

How are you not seeing what’s wrong with this?

This woman on Instagram vs. actual footage.

People are talking about how they envy her skin, meanwhile she’s here thinking the same thing.

Cautiously… ruining chess.

Who needs knees or ankles?

Nobody needs a spine to look pretty.

Hol’ up.

She looks sad.

Some women really think ankles look bad. Steve Madden vs. her Instagram.

Instagram picture vs. video.

What is this woman trying to achieve?

Organs are also out of fashion.

She had to Photoshop her cleavage.

Pictures of the same guy: profile picture vs. on studio.

Revealed her real face vs. her press pictures.

This Twitter thirst trap twisting her fingers.

Okay, just hold on for a second.

A whole gold mine of the super-soft face and big bulgy eyes.

She’s a TV anchor and it’s not like we don’t know what she looks like.

They really put up this picture and thought, “Yeah, this is how pregnancy looks like.”

This could have been a long exposure of 12 hours, a picture of two suns, or… just an edit.

What did he brush his teeth with? Wite-Out?

When you go on a custom content binge on The Sims.

Her Instagram and her interview appearance.

Really hate it when your necklace hides behind your pecs.

What- who- Why?!

Uh, those are some huge feet.

This Instagram vs. TV appearance.

No, stop. Stop doing this.