Michigan prison inmates killed a prisoner

One of the prisoners at the Michigan Prison, who was earlier convicted and then sentenced for his role in a ring which is comprised of international child exploitation has died in an alleged attack which was commenced by his fellow prison inmates, according to the information gathered by Detroit News.

Cell block in the prison
Source: Michigan Radio

The name of the mastermind of international child exploitation was Christian Maire. Marie reportedly stabbed by his fellow prison cell inmates venued at Federal Correctional Institution in Milan, located in the heart of Michigan, according to the report.

Christian Maire belonged to New York’s Burlington has reportedly died on 2nd of January 2019 due to an attack which has reportedly left the other three inmates critically injured, as reported to the publication by Dan Clore, the spokesman of Milan’s famous prison.

How did the attack take place

Officials say three staffers were injured in an attack by an inmate at the Green Bay Correctional Institution.
Source: WSAW

The details related to that of the attack has not been clear yet. However, one of the sources has reportedly revealed to Detroit News that among the attackers, there was one attacker who was armed with a handmade prison knife which is colloquially known as a shank.

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A statement came into being on Friday by the people who are in charge of cases such as these, the Department of Federal Bureau of Prison has reportedly revealed that Maire has been getting some of the life-threatening injuries right after the infamous altercation of the detention centre as reported by The Associated Press. The media house has described the devouring accident as a fight rather than saying that the attack was a targeted one.

Attorney Cassar hates this incident

Raymond Cassar, an attorney, has said that the incident led to one of the heinous crimes, i.e., murder and murder is quite a horrible thing that could happen to anyone. The attorney has also said that this does not take place in the federal prison system of Michigan state.

According to The Associated Press, there were around seven inmates who were directly involved in the fight which took place at the southeastern facility of Michigan. The Associated Press has also reported that there was two member of the prison staff who got minor injuries due to the feud.

A low security federal correctional institution with a detention center.
Source: BOP

The sources have told the media outlet, Detroit News that a 36-year-old person named Michal Figure, an IT specialist at one of the universities of Pennsylvania, the famous University of Pennsylvania was also sentenced for taking an active role in the ring, was also injured in the gruesome attack.

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Why was the victim arrested?

Marie was got adjusted to less than a month of prison life and had to serve a prison sentence of 40 years has died at the late hospital hours later, according to Clore. Long story short Maire was sentenced in the previous month.

Figura, Maire and some of the other members of the international ring often lure the preteen girls and make them opt for private chat rooms where the sick men manipulate the women for sending them pornographic images.

Source: Fox 8, New York Post