Amber Heard is said to have moved to Europe after she lost her case against Johnny Depp earlier this month. There have been rumors that the actress moved to Spain to get away from Hollywood. Since the trial ended, the actress who played Aquaman has tried to stay out of the public eye and has also been quiet on all of her social media accounts. Before she moved to Spain, she went all the way to Israel. Heard is in Spain with her daughter Oonagh and a woman named Bianca Butti, who is thought to be her girlfriend.

Some reports say that the actress moved to Europe because she couldn’t afford to pay Johnny Depp the money she owes him for damages. On the other hand, there are rumors that the Zombieland star wants a new start and doesn’t think she can have a successful career in Hollywood anymore.


Amber Heard moved to Europe so she could get away from Hollywood.

Several news stories from the last few months say that the American actress moved to Europe to start a new life and get away from Hollywood. After Johnny Depp lost in court, his followers were very mean to Heard.

Several news stories suggest that Amber Heard’s closest friends may have left her. Some people say that Amber Heard knows she can’t make it in Hollywood because Johnny Depp has the most people who want to work with him. On the other hand, she may be different.

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Reports say that nobody in Spain thinks she is lying or not telling the truth about anything. But even if this were true, it wouldn’t be enough to get away from the law. It was found out that the actress had been renting a house under a fake name the whole time. As of this writing, however, nothing has been officially confirmed, and no official source has said whether Heard is just on vacation or has moved to Spain.

The sequel to the 2018 movie Aquaman is one of her upcoming projects in Hollywood. After Johnny Depp and Amber Heard went to court, there was a lot of pushback against the sequel. After this, the studio took out most of her scenes from the movie.

There have also been rumors that all of the Heard scenes will be thrown out by the production company. There are rumors that Emilia Clark will take over the role of the Drive Angry star, and that her scenes have already been reshot with Emilia Clark.


A Prediction is Made by an Astrologer: Amber Heard might be suffering from depression.

An astrologer said that Amber Heard might have depression, which can make people think about killing themselves. A few months after the actress from “The Rum Diary” lost her case against her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, in court, the rumors began to spread.

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The famous astrologer also said that Heard would have trouble getting future jobs in Hollywood because of her reputation in the business and on social media. The astrologer also said that it would take her a long time to get her good name back in the entertainment business.

The astrologer told Heard that she shouldn’t talk for a while because her moon and ascendant aren’t in a stable position. When it comes to Amber Heard’s career in Hollywood, it looks like the actress saw her future in the business before the astrologer did. And it’s possible that’s why she’s in Spain at the moment.

In the next few months, the actress will only be in two movies in Hollywood. Heard will play Mera again in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, which is the sequel to the 2018 DC movie Aquaman. In addition to her role in Aquaman 2, the actress will also be in In the Fire, which will come out in 2023 and is being directed by Conor Allyn.