Immortals season 2 release date

Immortals season 2 might be renewed by Netflix and fans will finally be relieved of the cliffhanger. The first season of Immortals gave us a fresh perspective towards vampires in the contemporary setting. And now, everyone is waiting for the Immortals season 2.

What happened in Immortals season 1?

Immortals season 1 begins with Mia going to Istanbul to track down Dmitry. Dmitry is a vampire who turned her into one, and if she kills him,she can return to her  human form. Karmen, who is another vampire, helps Mia in her mission.

But, as Mia closes in on her mission, Dmitry reveals that he did not turn her into a vampire. Numel was the one who did it. And he had to do it because she was on the verge of death. In 1879, Numel was actually captured in the same dungeon as Mia’s in Greece. Eventually, both of them fell in love with each other. But, their love was not the one to last.

“I will give you whatever you want. I will give up my life. Then, you can live again,”

Numels says this to Mia before he kills himself.

And later on, Mia discovers that even Karmen knew the truth all along and was playing her.

Immortals season 2 Netflix

Will there be an Immortals season 2?

Netflix has not officially announced anything about Immortals season 2. Plus, Netflix is an international distributor. Hence, the new season has to be renewed in Turkey first. Since, the first season ended in a cliffhanger, there are good chances for a second season to be made.

Immortals season 2 release date

As mentioned above, the series has be renewed in Turkey first. And then the international audience will receive it as well. The first season of Immortals was initially released in September 2018 in Turkey. 

The episodes were uploaded on Netflix on 8 March 2019. Hence, we can predict the release date once the second season is released in Turkey.

How many episodes will be there in the upcoming season?

There are 8 episodes in the first season of Immortals. And it is highly likely that Netflix will ensure the same number of episodes.

Immortals season 2 have release a premier date

What will be the plot?

Since, there is no official plot release yet, we can definitely make some predictions. Mia’s fate hangs in balance since Numel has died. What is she going to do now that Karmen has betrayed her? On the other hand, there is a war going on between the humans and the Vampires. So, we can see it progressing in Immortals season 2.

You can watch Immortals season 1 on Netflix.

Immortals season 2 Netflix