Barbara Luna Sipos is a model from Budapest, Hungary. Ever since she was a child, she has dreamt of looking like a barbie doll. And it seems she has taken her dream seriously because this 22-year-old looks like a real-like barbie.

Barbara underwent her first cosmetic surgery, breast augmentation, at the age of 17. She hasn’t looked back since then. In the following years, she has gone under 10 cosmetic surgeries to look like a barbie.

Barbara didn’t have breast augmentation once but twice. She went under the knife and changed from a breast size of 34B to a 34F.

Previously, Barbara wasn’t much satisfied with her looks. But once she had multiple surgeries, she doesn’t feel ugly anymore and is much happier.

She met her ex-husband back in 2016 who loved her barbie-look as much as she did. He paid for almost all of her surgeries costing around £80,000.

As well as the two breast augmentations for £10,810, Barbara has received two rhinoplasties for £9,009, v-line chin and jaw reduction (£9,009), Barbie forehead surgery (£9,009), a brow lift (£3,604), a lip lift (£1,802), lip filler treatments (£4,505), a Brazilian butt lift (£5,406) and Barbie vagina surgery (£4,054) – a total cost of £77,027.

She works as a web model now. She was forced to quit her old job because her beauty drove men crazy.

“At age fifteen, I started to work as an assistant at an estate agent’s but all my bosses and even the clients tried to be sexual with me even though I never behaved or dressed like a ‘bimbo’ then. It was my aura and charisma that made men crazy.

“So I realized that this kind of work was not for me because I live in a society where a very attractive woman doesn’t have many options to keep her job or gain a higher position without giving men sex – which I didn’t want.

“It is because we still live in a patriarchal society, like it or not. I am all for feminism but very feminine girls like me shouldn’t have to deal with men in the workplace. Men are driven by their sexuality and it’s hard for them to be around a hot girl.”

After leaving her job, she met her ex-husband and enjoyed two years of marriage. In November 2019, she got divorced. Since then she has been working as a lingerie model because she has social anxiety from her past experience when she used to have a normal job.

She often shares photos of her new looks convincing people that she is more than just her looks. Once she said, “The plastic bimbo doll look doesn’t mean we are less intelligent and I wish to show the world that I am not naive or dumb.”

Now, this barbie is finding ‘a forever husband’ to spend her life with. She says she has no problem looking attractive because then more people would be attracted to her and she would have more opportunities.

She said,

Men love my look. Some closed-minded men who aren’t self-confident don’t want to date me which is fine. I like open-minded people and I like to impress them and show them that I am not just a brainless bimbo but it is hard for me to make people take me seriously.

Barbara is planning to undergo another rhinoplasty surgery, along with rib removal surgery and butt injections.