No matter how much the world gets digitized or how many scientists found the cure to the deadliest virus until we don’t learn to respect workers at various places serving food or the cashiers at retail stores, society can’t grow.

Sometimes, some of us nearly forget that people working at stores are real people with their own lives, problems, and emotions. The so-called Karens are always ready to insult them, even if the workers are just doing their jobs.

It’s such a relief to know that not all customers are like Karen. Some people actually take a stand against Karen. One such video has gone viral on TikTok. It shows a man lecturing such a Karen for how she talked to the employees and he was kind of harsh because the woman couldn’t understand what she was doing was wrong, but people appreciated his effort to defend the employees.

A man who was fed up with Karens making service employees’ day miserable stepped in and put one in her place

The video was posted by the girlfriend of the person who recorded the interaction, thetrooper47. The video caption says, “Went in for a shamrock shake and this woman was insulting the workers.”

In the comments, she also said that the daughter of the woman tracked down the videos on the internet and is getting them removed. Even the link that thetrooper47 provided in the caption of the video to a full-length one on YouTube is not working as it shows that it isn’t available anymore.

He speaks up because according to the person who posted the viral video, a Karen was insulting the employees

But the video on TikTok is still up and now has 1.7 million views and 225k likes. It shows just a bit of the conversation that went on and we don’t really know what the woman was telling the employees, we can just assume that it was insulting like the poster wrote in the caption, and another customer couldn’t stand by in silence and intervened, defending the employees who, in the clip that is available, seemed to be simply doing their jobs and not engaging in confrontation with the Karen.

The man defended the McDonald’s employees and said that people like her make people hate working at places like McDonald’s

From what the man says, it is clear that this isn’t the first time he has witnessed such a situation and he thinks that people like the woman in the video are part of the reason why McDonald’s is struggling with finding employees as angry customers just add another layer of unnecessary anxiety.

Interactions with customers in retail and foodservice jobs are usually unavoidable and actually are a big part of the work. So it’s no surprise that they can really ruin your day and if you read any online forums related to the topic, go to TikTok or YouTube, you will probably really quickly be exposed to ‘customers from hell’ stories.

He actually became quite aggressive with his words and the woman wanted the police to arrive

Eventually, she changed her mind and thought she was punishing the restaurant by not ordering any food

The man in the video suggests that Karen just leave if she feels that the service at McDonald’s is not up to her standards and when she hushes him, he doesn’t restrain himself from cursing at her.

This explosion of emotions probably scared the woman and she asked the employees to call the police. Then she wanted to see the manager and finally, she changed her mind and said she didn’t want the food anyway. The man wasn’t at a loss for words and replied that she didn’t need the food.

Below you can watch the man putting a Karen in her place in action

@thetrooper47 Went in for a shamrock shake and this womanwasinsulting the workers. #karen #reupload #mcdonalds #fight ♬ original sound – TheTrooper47


Other TikTok users were quite fascinated by the interaction because they felt the satisfaction of a Karen being put in her place. They appreciated the man standing up for the employees who can’t do that themselves without risking getting fired for mistreating a customer.

What are your thoughts after watching the video? Why do you think some people are just not capable of being nice? Would you have done the same as the man in the video if you saw innocent employees being berated? Let us know your opinions in the comments!

People in the comments appreciated the man standing up for the employees and found the interaction satisfying