Kodi, a media platform which has gained popularity among content hoarders, could land its users legal troubles.

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It is a free and open source software which is used to organize and consume media. However, the media needs to be stored locally.

Kodi Add-ons

Kodi is popular due to the customization it offers to its users. The media platform is open source which means anyone can customize it to suit his or her needs.

This has led to large community development and various version of Kodi are available. Kodi offers add-ons that bring additional features to the platform. The first party add-ons are available on Kodi’s official repository.

However, the main concern is the third party unofficial add-ons.

Kodi and Piracy

The official Kodi add-ons are curated, checked and supported by the developers of Kodi. However, they have distanced themselves from all the Kodi Boxes in the market with third-party add-ons.

Kodi Box illegal

On the official website of Kodi, it is mentioned that Kodi does not make any hardware product.

According to a report, Kodi is used to access thousands of channels for free across five million homes in the United Kingdom.

This is achieved by preinstalling these add-ons on media center boxes called Kodi box. These boxes generally run on Kodi and use unofficial add-ons to access the pirated content.

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Crackdown on Illicit Kodi Box

A report by TorrentFreak suggests that FCC is planning to crack down on this illicit business in the USA. FCC will fine the suppliers since the device is non-compliant to FCC standards.

Kodi legal

On the other hand, major online retailers like Amazon and eBay has banned the sales of these boxes. Amazon released an official statement stating that it will not support any product which infringes the DMCA.

CEO of FACT said that at some point this crackdown will reach to the end users and possible jail time is of 10 years.