Iceland just released one of the most heart touching advertisements ever. The supermarket giant has broken out a campaign against the destruction of South-East Asian Rainforests.

The advert features a small girl, voiced by Emma Thomson, who finds an orangutan in her bedroom. The orangutan jumps around here and there and stops at the sight of a palm oil product in the girl’s bedroom. This is a direct indication to the fact that the critically endangered species like orangutan are finding it hard to survive, when their homeland, the rainforests are being destroyed by the government to make palm oil products. Iceland has removed all the palm oil products from its supermarket stores.

Source- Daily Express

But, the advert has been banned on the grounds of being too political. The ad also features a clip in which it showed how the trees are being ripped down by the mechanical diggers. The advert ends with a message that says,

“25 orangutans die every day.”

Source- Wales Online