The two hardest kick boxers took on each other in the ONE Super Series at Yangon. In the bout they started matching each other at the start. But it was clear that one among them would be the winner .

The Dutch-Moroccan strikers, Imbrahim El Bouni “ Mr Cool “ and Tarik Khbabez had both claimed 60 knockouts before meeting each other in the contest on Friday, 26 October in Yangon, Myanmar. But it was Tarik who took the ultimate glory in the third round itself.

He delivered the final punch to MrCool  at 2:26 in the final minutes. He thus established that he would be the man to be later in the light heavyweight category. Initially El Bouni started the kickboxing onslaught and tried to hit Khbabez with straight shots. It appeared his superior strikes, footwork and head movement were giving him the edge. But Khbabez’s heavy punches started finding their mark.

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From the second round the momentum started swinging in Tarik’s favor with his power packed punches. This ended in the third round with the referee stopping the fight in Tarik’s favor 34 seconds before the close of the bout.

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