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Ukrainian woman – Anastasiia Pokreshchuk has spent nearly £1,600 on administering her own face with cheek fillers. Anastasiia says that she injected herself because she looked like a ‘mouse’ before.

A 31-year-old woman – from Kiev, Ukraine is addicted to hyaluronic fillers. And knowing the dangerous cause continued to inject following the instruction of a doctor’s online tutorial. She feels more attractive and romantic than before.

Anastasiia says she ‘loves’ having cheek fillers and won’t be stopping anytime soon. July 8 she appeared on This Morning claiming that she’s now more ‘in proportion’. and has no regrets about her extreme appearance. She explained –

‘I love this look. I was a grey mouse before. My nose was too big,’ she said, claiming it took up her entire face, adding: ‘Now I have lips and cheeks and it looks okay.’

She went on to explain that she uses online tutorials to administer her injections.

‘This can be dangerous but I do it with doctors’,  she said. ‘I am learning online. I was worried, but I love this.’

Moreover, she contends to ‘like a doctor’ and sterilizes all of her equipment to avoid infection.

The model felt ‘ugly’ before her procedures and how her confidence skyrocketed after she began injecting herself with filler

cheek fillers

Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Alex Karidis also appeared on the show and urged the public to go to a qualified medical professional with the ‘knowledge and experience’ to apply fillers.

He was live from his home in central London and said

‘There’s a reason why injectable fillers are administered by experienced practitioners, there’s a huge amount of skill and knowledge requires. There’s always complications that can occur even in experienced hands’.

When she was warned of potential infection due to administering her own filler, she said: ‘[I won’t] die no. There is an antidote.

‘An infection is not good, but everything is sterilized when I’m doing this. I do it like a doctor.’

Anastasiia was asked about being more romantic and getting attention because of her extreme look, she revealed that –

‘Of course, I have more attention with my filler, romantic also.  But it’s not to do with my cheeks – it’s because I have become more confident.’

She went to elaborate that

‘My mum thinks this is a little bit crazy, but what can she do. No regrets, never any regrets, I’m happy with my cheeks.’

This model has garnered over 158k followers on the social media platform.