Pamela Anderson to Auction Off Fashion Legacy

Pamela Anderson, the iconic star known for her roles, her fashion, and her advocacy, is turning a new leaf. She plans to auction off her esteemed fashion archives, symbolizing a transition into a new chapter of her life.

Clearing the Closet for a New Life

Pamela’s decision to let go of her treasured clothing pieces isn’t without its emotions. But the former “Baywatch” beauty, at 56, is ready for a change. “I don’t like to waste,” Anderson candidly expressed. “Better to clear my mind, clear my closet. Make room for this new life. I can’t wait to see others enjoy these pieces.” This sentiment not only speaks to her drive for reinvention but also her generous spirit. Anderson’s wardrobe, as fans would know, boasts some of the most iconic pieces, including the red Baywatch swimsuit, which she confirmed would be part of the sale.

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New Chapter, New Closet: Pamela Anderson Auctioning Off Iconic Fashion Pieces, Including Her Famous Baywatch Swimsuit

Embracing Fashion and Partnerships

It’s been a momentous week for the star. Pamela’s announcement coincided with her attendance at New York Fashion Week, where she graced the NYFW Pandora Celebrates Lab-Grown Diamonds event. On her association with Pandora, Anderson acknowledged the brand’s commitment to sustainability. “They’re a sustainable brand, and a long time ago when people wanted to do campaigns with me, there was always some reason I couldn’t do it,” she reflected, hinting at the stringent choices she had to make earlier in her career.

With age, Anderson seems to have found a balance, stating, “That was 20 years ago, and I was very tunneled with what I could work with. And now it’s just fashion, and it’s nice to embrace it.” Her love for glamour remains undiminished. Even as she gets drawn to high-end brands, Anderson appreciates accessibility in fashion, making her collaboration with Pandora all the more fitting.

New Chapter, New Closet: Pamela Anderson Auctioning Off Iconic Fashion Pieces, Including Her Famous Baywatch Swimsuit

A Family Affair

The NYFW event was also a family affair for Anderson, as she was accompanied by her two sons – Brandon Thomas Lee and Dylan Jagger Lee. Both sons are from her marriage to rock musician Tommy Lee.

In a heartwarming revelation, Anderson also opened up about her penchant for jewelry and the emotions she attaches to them. Buying jewelry for herself, she explained, brings a sense of freedom. “And there’s no strings attached! So you’re like, ‘I can just wear this,’ ” she exclaimed with a laugh. “Because I attach so much memory — I’m such a romantic; I attach memories to every single thing I have — it just feels free.”

In her decisions, both in fashion and life, Anderson seems to stay true to her heart, proving once again why she remains an enduring and beloved figure in entertainment.

Source: People