Sometimes, it feels like we don’t really know our dogs. It’s simply because from the outside they look like cute and adorable pups but from inside, they are totally different. And this is what has happened with one of the pet parents who has recently adopted an adorable Husky named Tally. When the owner adopted Tally, she didn’t know anything about her. And later, Tally’s weird and not-so-dog act made her owner suspicious about her. 

The reason why Tally acts more like a cat and not a dog is that, in her initial years, she was raised surrounded by cats. That’s why even after Tally was adopted 2 years later, she couldn’t help but think that she is a cat. But whatever Tally might think she is, one thing is sure that she is totally unpredictable and cute. 

It all started out very subtly…

Tally had a little obsession with boxes.

And that obsession only continued to grow.

She would suddenly take over the couches and claim them as her own.

She could sleep anywhere and in any way.

She blocked the stairs gracefully.

If she was playing with her ball and someone wanted to play with her, she’d make that “I’m already having fun on my own, I don’t need you” face.

And then she started sitting in this classic cat pose.

But this attitude was the icing on the cake. She would sit by the window and look out, silently judging, plotting how she would go about dominating the world.

But after all, whether as a cat or a dog, Tally is happy and that’s what’s important.

If your dog has been also acting like a cat lately, share the pictures with us in the comments section. We would love to see them.