When it comes to dogs, every breed is special and each fur baby is precious. But it’s just that there is something about huskies that makes them so different from others. It can be because they are closely related to wolves or they have pretty blue eyes that make us fall in love with them even more. But there has to be some reason that we just go mad once we see them. 

If you have a husky or we can say, huskies, you might understand what we are saying here. Huskies are pretty amazing and they have some of the best qualities. But if you have one, keep an eye on it because huskies have a tendency to try to escape.

If you want to know some more facts about this amazing dog breed, keep scrolling because we have collected them just for you. 

1. Once you get a Husky, there is no going back.

You will then have a huge AF family of huskies and you’re going to love them.

2. No matter what you do.

You can’t be cooler than them.

3. Car rides make them very sleepy

And you would never feel like waking them up so be prepared to drive the whole night away

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4. They don’t tire so easily but.

When they do, they nap for days!

5. They manage to look cute even after a bath!

You won’t be able to resist their cuteness or their wet hugs

6. You are not going to be their best friend

They will make other best friends and rub it in your face. But, don’t worry, they still love you.

7. Their babies are basically going to look like someone printed out several tiny copies of the parents.

There is also a high chance of the ink running out

8. Food is everything!

Once they see food, they’ll forget about everything else.

9. They will make the weirdest, cutest, and the funniest faces

Imagine seeing this face every day! *swoons*

10. Everything, Literally everything looks good on them

They are the best companions for Halloween as well!

11. They are very messy

But, you’ll forgive that face in seconds

12. They are heavy sleepers

And snore very loudly! So, say goodbye to your peaceful sleep.