If you have never seen a Husky-Golden Retriever mix, you are missing out on a lot.

We love dogs as much as you do. But some dog breeds require specific living conditions. If we are unable to provide them with it, then it would be a complete injustice to them. This mix of retriever and husky dogs are good looking, full of energy, and are 100% loving. Although, it can be quite challenging to look after them, serving them proper meals and giving them enough space for leading a happy and healthy life.

Scroll down to check out this adorable mix-breed and leave your thought in the comment section on what you think about them.

1. Calm and collected.

2. Odd eyes.

3. That is one unique looking pup.

4. He has those classic Husky eyes.

5. What a happy little doggo.

The dog breed dog looks cute and loving but you would have to take extra care to raise them. They are both athletic and playful. They are full of energy and you will have to give them a lot of time.  Do not think of confining them to small and closed places. Goberians prefer to stay in cool places and can not tolerate extreme heat.


6. Those puppy-dog eyes look so pure and innocent.

7. Brown and blue odd eyes.

8. Hi there! Wanna play with me?

9. Is that a white walker?

10. So fluffy!

What do you think of this dog breed? Would you like to adopt one such poochie? Tell us what you think in the comment section.