If you are in love with huskies because of their elegance, amazing energy level, and cool physical appearance, this post might surprise you. Why, you may ask? It’s because we have found some photos that prove that huskies are weirdest of all. Please don’t laugh, we aren’t joking.

In case, if you have never seen the funny, hilarious, and weird side of huskies, just scroll down. Some of them are having mood swings while others are enjoying car rides. But this is not it. There are more such pictures and each of them perfectly unravels the weird side of huskies. 

P.S. You are going to like ‘em all. 

1. ‘Are you telling me that we can not have a snow day today?’

For real, hooman? You can’t even see me happy?

2. Mood swings are like…

Surprised, grumpy, happy, and amused Husky in a picture!

3. When you look out of the window and pretend like you’re in a movie..

But then the reality kicks in, and with reality, your ugliness comes out too… although they aren’t ugly. It’s just the picture!

4. Who issa happy baby? Imma happy baby!


5. Husky doesn’t understand the concept of personal space…

Mr. Husky pls let the cat be in peace.

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6. When you want an extra biscuit..

Take all the biscuits you want cute Lil husky!

7. Crazy humans being happy about little things…

I don’t find anything funny hooman, stop laughing…

8. When you are caught red-handed..

And you then pretend to be innocent…

9. I am as surprised as you are hooman!

Lets find the culprit together…

10. When you see your hooman loving another dog

I see u giving away the love I deserve to someone else..

11. ‘Did someone say treat?’

We are just here for the food..

12. Doggo is surely having fun but his expressions…

Expressions say something else though…

13. When you can sleep anywhere, anytime!

Or maybe they just love the cold water.

14. When your pet wants a twin pet..

How cute is this twin cat-dog duo!

15. Now it’s time to play indoors!

What you mean we are not allowed to go inside?

16. When you both run for the last piece of cake

When you take first come first serve too seriously..

17. Interviewer: What are your talents?


Job Interviewer: Wow! *_*


Mum just informed him ‘This is what bad dogs turn into’

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19. When you are trying to take a peak at your friend’s exam without being caught..

Internally cursing your friend for having smoll handwriting…

20. Henlo hooman! I found a shtick!

So smiley! The face shows it all!