The humanoid robot named Atlas developed and designed by Boston Dynamics can do a lot of things, and a lot of things includes doing backflips and running through the snow without having to fall on its face. It sums up to the fact that Atlas can do Parkour.

Source: bostondynamics

Atlas can reportedly bound up a platform of multilayer while redistributing its weight from its left foot to its right and vice versa as it runs up the steps. People remember Atlas as a robot that can run like a person, but now it can seemingly do a lot more than just running and sprinting and jogging.


On 11th October the robotics company named Boston Dynamics has posted a new of Atlas on YouTube where the company showcased the latest progress made by the robot and achieving the agility goals similar to that of a human being.

Source: bostondynamics

In the video description, Boston Dynamics wrote “Atlas does parkour” the description also contains Atlas effortlessly leaps and skips over a log between the platforms of different heights even without breaking its pace.


Altas has got the ability to navigate the challenges of the obstacle courses, and a slow-motion sequence emphasises on the accuracy of its movements as the humanoid robot jumps between the platform every single one of those platforms measures around 16 inches high. According to the description of the video, the software and the vision sensors control the navigation of the humanoid robot.

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Source: bostondynamics

According to the Boston Dynamics’ website, Atlas is “the world’s most dynamic humanoid.” Atlas sports a bipedal frame of four limbs that invites the thorough comparison to the body of a human being regardless of the movement of the robot. Over the years, Atlas has demonstrated a series of uncanny mobility which is same to that of a human being. The robot even recovers from the injuries after getting shoved, and executing backflips.