Getting the right hormone at the right time enables the human eye to see the redness during the sunset, the blueness of the sea the greenery of nature etc. These findings are results of studying the color visions developed by hundreds of human retinas, which were artificially grown in a lab.

This could prove to be a major breakthrough if it can actually help in curing color blindness. Steve Becker, a scientist at the National Eye Insitute stated that,

“It’s important that we understand how nature controls the development of the retina so we can understand better why things go wrong in disease and how we can treat them.”


The “retinal organoids”, as everyone’s calling them, are tedious and difficult to grow. It takes over a year to turn them into a functional one.

Color blindness develops mostly in the womb, so it’s necessary that we understand the development of the retina, if we want to find a cure for it.