We know that the headline might have amazed you. But yes, that’s true that a bird of prey was caught carrying a large fish, probably a shark, away in its talons. Luckily, this video has appeared on the internet and is raging on social media.

Onlookers on Myrtle Beach, South Carolina were lucky enough to see this view live. The site of a giant bird swooping over the sands and carrying away a large fish left all of them stunned. And Tennessee native Ashley White shot the video of the bird from the 17th floor of the apartment where she stayed for a vacation. The viral video shows the fish still wriggling around trying to escape on June 22.

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Tracking Sharks
Anyone know what type of bird this is and is it holding a shark? #myrtlebeach 📽 Kelly Burbage

The video then appeared on Twitter profile, Tracking Sharks. And there, the video has gathered a lot of views. It sparked a debate amongst the netizens to know what type of bird it was.

Many of them even argued whether the big fish was a shark or not. Some suggested that the large bird was an osprey. While others joked that it was a pterodactyl. The other social media users thought it might be a condor or an eagle.

Onlookers see an osprey carrying a shark

However, many of them agreed that the bird was an osprey and probably the fish he carried was a shark. Others said the fish was a mackerel rather than a shark because of the shape of its tail. A chief meteorologist with local media outlet WPDE shared White’s footage to his Facebook page. He argued the bird was an osprey that had caught a ‘large Spanish mackerel’.

And South Carolina Department of Natural Resources calls the ospreys as fish hawks or fish eagles locally.