HTC Android 9 Pie update

Google released the Android 9 Pie update in August 2018 but it only made its way to a very few devices. Many OEMS has been slow and lax about pushing the new Android OS to their device HTC being one of them. However, HTC has confirmed that they will release the Android Pie update for its phones.

Which HTC device will get the Android 9 Pie update?

In a tweet from the official handle of HTC, it announced that HTC U11 line up and HTC U12+ will receive the Android 9 updates.

Notably, these devices have bee long overdue for these updates.

Last year, HTC released a list of devices that were supposed to get the Android Pie update. The list also featured HTC U11 Life which is now missing from the update list.

When will these devices receive the update?

According to the details provided by the company, the 2017 HTC U11 will be the first one to receive the Android update.

After this release, the flagship device of the HTC lineup HTC U12 will get the Android Pie update followed by HTC U11+.

HTC Android 9 Pie update

The flagship HTC U12+ will get the Android Pie update in June 2019.

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The HTC U11 will receive the update in Late May while HTC U11+ will get these updates in Late June 2019.

Delayed Android updates

It is clear among the Android community that their ecosystem suffers from the delayed software update.

HTC Android 9 Pie update

However, the behavior of HTC is pretty known after it is going to release the Android Pie update after 9 months of its public release.

HTC has the lineage of the first Android phone and it used to deliver update quickly as soon Google release the update.

What to expect from the HTC Android Pie Update?

The Android Pie will bring all the usual latest security patches and tweaks to these devices.

It is expected that these updates will also bring some new features like Edge Sense to its custom skin known as Sense UI.

The new update will also bring smart gestures and replies, digital wellbeing and better notification management.