iPhone Robocalls

Robocalls are getting more and more annoying and frequent with time.

A report Robokiller suggests that 5.51 billion robocalls were made in March 2019 which means one person would receive 22 spam calls in a month.  So we have covered all the possible tools and methods to stop the robocalls on your iPhone.

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What is Robocalling? Is it legal?

Robocalling is making a phone call using a computerized autodialer to deliver a pre-recorded message to the receiver. Unfortunately, Robocalling is still legal in most cases.

Tips to Block Robocalls on your iPhone

1. Don’t share your phone number

If a business asks for your phone number then don’t share it with them. It is a tactic for them to call you or sell it to a third party.

2. Get Registered on Do Not Call Registry 

Robocalls on iPhone

You can signup for the National Do Not Call Registry for free. The effectiveness of this Registry is questionable but it can stop Robocalls from the law-abiding Robocallers.

3. Use the Do Not Disturb Mode in your iPhone

Do Not Disturb is used to silence your phone for a limited since it silences all notification be it phone calls or message. In our setup, we would set up the Do Not Disturb mode in continuity.

To start tap on the iOS setting icon and then on Do Not Disturb. Keep in mind to turn off any previous scheduling off.

The main motive is to turn on the DND and allow calls “From All Contacts” in the DND setting. Turning on this setting would allow you to receive phone calls only from your saved contacts.


You can also enable Repeated Calls so that you can talk to a person who is really pushing hard to contact you from an unknown number.

4. Use Third-Party Apps

If you are not willing to miss on the phone calls or your work don’t allow that then in the last ditch effort, you can use apps like Robokiller, Hiya, and several others.

It should be noted that the free version of these apps comes with limited functionality.

What’s the future of Robocalls?

There have been several reports hinting that major carriers are working on a new technology called STIR to stop the robocalling.