german shepherd

Dogs being an animal is also considered as man’s best friend. As human beings, we usually become excited whenever we meet someone after a long time. Dogs too have the tendency of becoming excited and want to express their love and gratitude.

Usually, when a dog sees a new person, he seems to be super excited. There are many more reasons that will justify why your dogs seem to be overly excited when your guests visit you.

One of the major reasons is getting attention. If your dog is jumping on your guest continuously then he or she wants your guests’ attention. There are possibilities that she is trying to convey that she is the boss of the house. If she is getting away and jumping then exactly it means that only.

How do I stop my dog from jumping?

Stopping a dog from jumping on your guest is not as difficult as it seems to be. One of the biggest challenges is making sure everyone, even your guest are willing to follow the rules you have set for your dogs.

The best way is to take your charge and show your dog that you are the boss of the house. It is really very important to teach them, how they need to behave in front of your guests.

The first step is to explain to your visitor how to behave when they enter your house.

Keep a container of treat which your visitor would bring with him inside your house. Tell them to ignore your dog completely unless the dog sits down quietly. Ones he sits down immediately tell your visitor to give him the treat.

dog jumps

This way the dog will understand that behaving properly will buy him some treats and love from the new person visiting the house.

When your dog is overly excited when you return back home repeat the same thing unless he learns to be calm.

I am sure slowly and gradually your dog will adapt itself to the environment and react the way you want.

Dogs are adorable companions and always in a chance to attract attention from their owners. But yes they are the pure soul.