The NFL Sunday Ticket is undergoing a significant change this season as it transitions from DirecTV to YouTube TV & YouTube.

After the last Season, YouTube acquired the NFL Sunday Ticket from DirecTV, which means that until 2030, YouTube will be the exclusive broadcaster of NFL games.

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How to Get NFL Sunday Ticket Without YouTube TV
In 2022, DirecTV broadcasted NFL games

What Are Some Ways to Get NFL Sunday Ticket Beside YouTube TV?

There are some ways to get the NFL Sunday Ticket apart from YouTube TV. Without getting the complete package, you can get the NFL Sunday Ticket from Primetime channels.

Other than YouTube & YouTube TV, you can get the NFL Sunday Ticket membership from different Primetime channels. Many primetime channels are available on YouTube, where you can buy an independent membership.

How to Get NFL Sunday Ticket Without YouTube TV
NFL Sunday Ticket membership can be bought from Primetime channels on YouTube

Various primetime channels will provide you with independent membership of NFL Sunday Ticket, including Paramount Plus, Showtime, Starz, and more.

If you get one of these primetime channel memberships, you don’t even need to pay for YouTube TV to subscribe to the Sunday ticket.

However, a major drawback to buying a Sunday ticket from the YouTube primetime channel is the upfront cost, which usually lies at $100 or more.

But in this way, you don’t have to pay for a YouTube TV monthly subscription, which means you can still save money when buying Sunday NFL Ticket.

Another Option to Get Sunday NFL Ticket

How to Get NFL Sunday Ticket Without YouTube TV
Watch the latest NFL game in your nearest pub or restaurant

Apart from buying Sunday tickets from primetime channels on YouTube TV, you can watch NFL games that too for free.

You need to visit a nearby pub or restaurant on the game days to watch live NFL games. You can use the Sports Bar Finder app from DirecTV to watch live NFL games on the game days.

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YouTube TV has announced that their NFL Sunday Ticket offering will allow unlimited streams per account, ONLY from within your home. Outside the home users will still be limited to a 2 simultaneous stream limit. No 4K, 1080p and they will be launching multiview option. #youtubetv
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Price of NFL Sunday Tickets in 2023

Sunday tickets in 2023 are a little more costly than any other previous season. Since the 2023 NFL games will be broadcasted live on YouTube TV, you have to pay $249 for the base plan of YouTube TV for the complete season of NFL 2023. However, this is only the early bird price. The usual price of an NFL Ticket is $349, which is $100 extra.