How Riverdale Season 5 will begin after a premature end in Season 4?

We are well aware that Riverdale fans were quite disappointed after seeing an open-ended Season 4 Finale had a shocking end. Due to the shutdown of the productions, many of the CW’s greatest show came to a standstill. But now the question that arises is, how will the Riverdale Season 5 pick up?

We all have been looking for the answer to this question for a very long time. After all, Riverdale could not end up leaving us as an Eeyore caught in the middle of a storm. Every story needs an end and that is what Riverdale fans also want. However, fans expected that Riverdale would depart after Season 4. But now, we can think of the story that can cook up in Season 5.

Riverdale Season 4: Killing Mr. Honey

The last episode of Season 4, titled Killing Mr. Honey ended on a crazy note. When the viewers thought that Riverdale has set up Mr. Honey, he turned out to be a voyeur. Also, the new video that surfaced showed teens wearing masks stabbing Mr. Honey to death like Jughead. This left us with many questions. How is this going to link to Jughead? Who all murdered Mr. Honey? Why did Season 4 end without prom or graduation?

But, now we can make some speculations about what all can lead to a new storyline in Season 5. Probably, the makers will skip the prop and graduation part in Riverdale Season 5. However, the producer told that they completed filming the prom part previously, but they didn’t find to air an insufficient 20th episode of Riverdale Season 4. In turn, they plan to build up to something new in the next season.

A still from Riverdale Season 4

As the show has now renewed for Season 5, the makers have ample options for bringing twists in the storyline. Also, there are many options till then on Netflix to keep their fans busy! So, let’s hope to see some amazing plot in Riverdale Season 5!