How Netflix addicts may look like in 20 years

Netflix and ill.

Researchers have constructed disturbing digital sculptures illustrating the physical toll watching hours and hours of television can have on the human body. commissioned the creation of 3-D models showing the bodily damage binge-watching can do to the human body over time, caused by lack of exercise, a poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle.

“From obesity and posture damage to premature aging and bloodshot eyes, these are just some of the nasty effects this unhealthy lifestyle could cause,” reads an intro to the image series, called “Meet Eric & Hannah: The Netflix Bingers.”



The interactive site offers data on symptoms caused by gorging on TV — including increased risk of bowel cancer, rounded shoulders and poor posture — as well as less-than-reassuring figures about Netflix itself.

“Since staying at home more because of the coronavirus pandemic, on average 44% of residents surveyed in Germany, the US and the UK all admitted to using streaming services more than video calls with friends, playing video games, board games and even working!” the site states.

Netflix has long been known to have side effects, for both body and mind. One 2018 study found that the streaming giant could be killing sex, offering an alternative for many couples who watch shows in the evening hours who would’ve otherwise been doing the deed. Another study, from 2019, found that the average person spends a massive 78,000 hours of their life watching television. Of that figure, nearly 3,000 hours are spent deciding what to watch, the study states.

Here are some more images of these models:


Recently, Netflix announced that it will begin terminating the accounts of those users who don’t use it at all. Starting in May, Netflix began asking customers who hadn’t watched anything in 12 months whether they wished to retain their membership. Accounts that do not confirm will have their subscription automatically canceled.

Written by Sandipan Kundu

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