Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris blazes up in the fire

Notre Dame cathedral of Paris experiences a catastrophic disaster. It blazes up in the fire. The nation now mourns because of the devastation. The cathedral is the cultural and historic epicenter of Paris. Moreover, the disaster sends shockwaves to the entire world. Learn the complete story here.


Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris blazes up in the fire: how did it start?

The fire was an accident. This is according to the Paris Prosecutor’s office. They are not considering terrorist-related motives as of now. They are also ruling out arson as the reason.

The fire started on the evening of Monday. It was approximately 6:50 pm. According to UK time, 5:50 pm. The head volunteer guide says he saw the smoke.

However, Olivier De Chalus initially considered it coming from a Hotel Dieu. Hotel Dieu is a hospital.

Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris blazes up in the fire
Source: The Washington Post

The fire started spreading from the attic. However, it soon was around a very large part of the roof.

The cathedral is completely devastated. Restoring it will not be easy. It will take years.

However, President Macron says that he will rebuild it within 5 years. Moreover, he adds that he will request the greatest talents across the borders. This will be to help them rebuild the cathedral.

The destructions caused

The good news is that no one was killed. However, an injury took place. A firefighter got injured. There were about 400 of them. They worked for hours to put off the flames.

The spire of the cathedral collapsed. This is also because of the fire. It happened at around 7:50 pm. This is one of the most famous landmarks in Paris. The large part of the roof was also converted into ashes.

However, the structure of the Notre Dame cathedral has been saved. Moreover, the artifacts were also saved. They are priceless and are of great historical significance.

Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris blazes up in the fire
Source: Rolling Stone

The Crown of Thorns is now in safekeeping. This is according to Mr. Hidalgo. Moreover, the tunic of Saint Loius is also saved.

The Gothic masterpiece and the three rose windows have been saved. However, one is damaged. But, the other two are fine.

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