How do you feel when you see a homeless person? Do you get awkward? Well, there is no need to feel that way because just like us, they are also humans. 

Even if you cannot help them, you can show them a level of courtesy and respect. Scroll down to get the 101 lessons on “how not to be a jerk to homeless people”. 

Don’t Avert Your Eyes And Pretend They’re Not Even There

Do Acknowledge Their Presence, Make Eye Contact, And Smile

Do Initiate Conversation Through Questions

Don’t Try To Make Any Weird Jokes

Do Talk About Sports Games

This Should Go Without Saying, But Don’t Pee On Them

Don’t Tell Them How To Use The Money You Give Them

Do Offer Food If You Feel Inclined To

Don’t Automatically Assume They Are Hungry

Don’t Suggest They Go To A Homeless Shelter

Do Respect Their Boundaries

Don’t Take Anything Personally (To A Point)

Don’t Tell Them That They Should Get A Job

Don’t Assume They Are Completely Without A Home