Home and Away Spoilers

Raffy Morrison (Olivia Deeble) from Home and Away is struggling to survive a huge seizure in the dramatic scenes. She was involved in a risky secret drug trial conducted by Mason Morgan, her wannabe doctor brother who treats his siblings with cannabis oil of severe epilepsy.

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Home and Away spoilers: Raffy’s death is imminent?

As the substance is not legal yet, the siblings didn’t tell anyone about their medical tryout. Mason Morgan was later caught with consignment, and the trafficking allegations led to an abrupt end to the trial.

Home and Away Spoilers
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Raffy felt completely helpless with the CBD, which was helping to control the symptoms. She eventually collapsed with a seizure and banged her head. She was immediately rushed to the hospital with a severe health crisis. Mason was held liable for the seizure who cut the trial short.

Justin Morgan tried to understand Mason’s situation and said that the oil was helping to control Raffy’s symptoms, and she was better off with it. Raffy also asked Tori to consider the medical cannabis trial using correct channels. But things went downside for Mason when he changed his statement to the police and admitted that he bought marijuana for medicinal purposes only.

Home and Away Spoilers
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Even though he knew that this could put his prestigious hospital internship, Mason only cared about going public so that CBD becomes legal. Will he eventually end up helping Raffy or face a prison sentence for his actions?

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