Do you know what’s the best thing on the Internet in between all the negativity and sadness? It’s cute and hilarious dog memes. These memes not just make us laugh but also makes our day. Oh, and the dog memes are so damn relatable that it makes us want to see them all day long. 

But if you haven’t seen funny dog memes in a long time, scroll down and have a look. 

1. We can all admit this is super awkward

Especially when you don’t know that person well enough.

2. I want to be as happy as this dog.

Life goals!

3. First, I’d be scared

Then, maybe I’ll cry myself to sleep.

4. Did not even know such a muzzle existed!

Alright, but this is hella cute though.

5. Wait for it

Not sure if we want that to happen.

6. Someone got a little too excited.

Good thing the doggo at the back isn’t going as fast.

7. Read this, you’ll thank us.



Is it an earthquake? Are you okay, hooman? WHAT?!?!

9. I’d love to go to this fortune teller!

Master Doggo, please tell me how many doggos I will have in my future…

10. The sleep is slowly taking over.

Also, yawns are contagious. How is this hooman not yawning after every 5 seconds?

11. *Moves to Nepal*

Some people and countries are better than the rest.

12. This one makes me want to do good things

just so I can go to heaven and meet him.

13. Anything for the doggo!

And as fast as possible!

14. Dogs; putting therapists out of business.

Okay, but, same. Yep!

15. Ain’t nobody got time for this today human.

Go fetch it yourself.

16. It’s very difficult to pick up.

There’s a little fur on my meatball… Is that normal?

17. Then vs Now

Surprise, surprise, Bill Gates.

18. They will forever be our little babies.

No matter how old they get!

19. The most accurate description ever.

You can’t even change our minds.

20. Need to find someone like that.

Or wait, I have a doggo. I don’t need anyone else.