Who doesn’t love dogs? Surely, everyone does. After all, what is there to dislike about these cute furballs? They cuddle when you are feeling low, they play with you every time, and they never let you feel alone. If you have a pet, you might relate to what we are saying here. 

We understand having a pet increases a lot of additional responsibilities. But dogs are worth it. It’s because when they will run towards you with their wagging tail and puppy eyes, you will forget everything. And all you will do is love them. 

But if you are someone who can’t have dogs because of any complications, don’t worry because we will make your day. We have collected some funny and hilarious tweets about dogs that you will surely like. So keep scrolling. 

1. We’re all dogs on the inside.

2. You can even hide them in a coin purse.

3. Shepherd Spy

4. No more hooch for the pooch.

5. They grow up so fast.

6. Please co-operate.

7. This is just sad.

8. Best wedding photo ever!

9. Sheepdog? That’s a Yeti, bro.

10. Or Brad Pitt Bull.

11. Dogs with human names are the best.

12. My dog used to bring me cockroaches.

13. Oscar the Grouch.

14. They’re about to drop a fire album.

15. Try dreadlocks next.

16. I feel sorry for beans.

17. Behind every great leader is a great dog!

18. Actually, he’s blessing the dog.

19. Barkachu, I choose you!

20. I wish my teacher brought his dog with him at university.

21. Love her name.

22. Best friend assurance is crucial.

23. A responsible dog parent.

24. Magic pie bush!

25. He looks so happy to meet Pluto!

26. It is what it is, Karen.

27. How do so many puppies fit in such a small mom?

28. She looks sassy.

29. Irrational fear.

30. It’s all fun and games till he destroys the phone.

Trust us, a dog is the best thing that you can ever have in your life. It’s because no matter what, your furry friend won’t leave you alone. If you are sad, he will cheer you up; if you are happy, he will smile with you, and if you don’t feel good, he will cuddle you. Keep scrolling to see more cute pictures.

31. No, Max. YOU sit.

32. We don’t want anything to happen to our lovely pupper.

33. I don’t see a doggo anywhere.

34. Panic!

35. Awkward!

36. Friends forever!

37. Why the long face?

38. Lifting each other up!

39. Spread the love!

40. That’s a good boy!

41. A little ball of fur.

42. Why, though? They dig so well!

43. Things to keep you up at night.

44. Superdog!

45. Those warning stomach contractions!

46. We earn to give them a better lifestyle.

47. This is my home now.

48. Defeated by the food bandit!

49. Please don’t feed your dogs chocolate.

50. FaceTime family reunion.

51. The joker is now a hero.

52. Hey kid, wanna try some drugs?

53. Dog passenger.

54. Dog discrimination!

55. Bad dog.

56. Best goals ever.

57. Nailing the man bun!

58. But he’s so cute!

59. Is that a bobblehead?

60. Money well spent.