If you think cats don’t care about us, think again.

Cats are known to be acting like they are the boss. They pretend that they don’t want to seek your attention, but the truth is that they really seek love and affection. When a cat wants your attention, it will act weirdly and make you believe that they are not comfortable or sick. Some people took the liberty to share incidents on the internet about their cats acting like a child to seek attention and love. Scroll down and check out these stories.

This is Louis, PaladinAmber’s cat, who they thought was sick.

They took him to the vet, and they were not happy with what they found out.

So it turned out, Louis wasn’t sick. He was just depressed that he lost a fight with a neighbourhood cat.

The vet reassured PaladinAmber that Louis was completely fine and there was nothing to worry about.

Is this cat for real?

Well, the neighbourhood cats were probably teasing him for losing.

It’s okay, Louis. We all feel embarrassed sometimes.

PaladinAmber’s thread received more than 823K likes, but Louis does not care about his newfound fame.

A lot of other people shared stories of their pets pretending to be sick.

Sometimes they aren’t faking it. They are just sad.

That drama costs you a lot.

Should we take parrots seriously when they cough?

“You can do it!”

So it isn’t just cats and dogs. Birds do it too.

Animals mourn the loss of their loved ones too.

My cat would limp and every time I would take him to the vet, he would walk fine.

Wow, animals are huge actors.

Your boyfriend is a keeper.

That is just embarrassing.

I bet he still didn’t learn his lesson.

Dog vs Possum.

That is still bad though.

How do you deal with a situation like this?