You don’t always have to train your pet.

It is not always important to train your pets. Do you know why? Pet have the tendency to observe their surrounding and learn from them. Therefore, you need to be careful about what you do in front of them. Below are some stories shared by people on how pet owners accidently conditioned their pet to actlike them. Check out these hilarious stories.

An accident can turn into something beautiful.

#1 It is kind of your fault if I am being honest.

#2 More food is always more food.

#3 Doggos never understand that they are not a lap pupper anymore.

#4 I think this is a good habit.

#5 Ice is the best, especially in summer.

#6 If only all pets could learn this by heart.

#7 He might not like the water but he sure does like to float.

#8 This is a win-win situation for both.

#9 A good boy indeed!

#10 There is always time for belly scratches.

#11 This is truly adorable.

#12 Such a clever bird.

#13 He is just trying his best.

#14 This pandemic has made our pets quite happy.

#15 Time for a well-earned walk.

#16 She is a proper lady and deserves a glass.

#17 This is the sort of passive-aggressiveness that I aspire to.

#18 I feel like my sneezes would terrify a cat.

#19 We’ve got a chatty Cathy here.