The internet is full of articles that tell how difficult becoming a parent is. But do you truly know how hard parenting is?

Fortunately, students of high school have realized this thing sooner while making a group project. As part of a class project, the teens were tasked to take care of high-tech dolls. These dolls were similar to real babies because they could eat, sleep, and cry.

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Many high schools offer a child development or parenting class for students.

In addition to learning about the physical and psychological development of children, the course allows students the opportunity to experience parenting with the help of simulation dolls.

One class is going viral after a tiring weekend spent caring for their dolls.

In a Facebook post, Chippewa Secondary School in North Bay, Ontario, Canada shared a photo of the babies back in their classroom after spending a few days home with students who were required to care for them.

“The babies are back! Looking forward to class discussions about the experiential learning that happened this weekend. Everyone is looking a tad tired this Monday morning,” the school said in their Facebook post.

Along with the photo, the school also shared text messages between the students and their teacher as they encountered their first taste of parenting.

Here’s one student wondering if it’s normal for babies to cry for 20 minutes.

LOL! Try… like two hours of non-stop crying.

At least it seems that these dolls did a pretty good job of simulating real babies.

This poor student just wanted some “quiet time”.

Parents everywhere can relate to this student. I hate to say this, but quiet time doesn’t really exist when you’re a parent.

At least some students were honest about their parenting “oopsies”.

Like this student who dropped their baby down the stairs. At least it didn’t die!

These teens got a lesson in real-life baby schedules.

A baby that sleeps all day and is up all night? Yup, that sounds about right.

I think it’s safe to say that these students truly felt what it takes to be a parent.

his student was at their wit’s end and asked their teacher to turn off their doll. The tiredness and frustration is something every parent has gone through when caring for their own children.

This project probably taught these students a valuable lesson.

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