High School Musical 4 release date cast trailer

Disney announced its plans of creating “High School Musical 4” back in 2009. The producers were keen on capturing the magic once again. The trilogy was a hit among the fans and they would sure like to see the story continue.

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High School Musical 4 release date and cast

Still, here we are, a decade later and no news about the fourth installment yet. The fans are secretly hoping that things work out. High School Musical 4 is expected to feature the mature versions of the characters involved. These would probably involve Troy (Zac Efron), Sharpay (Ashley Tisdale), Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens), Chad (Corbin Bleu), Monique (Taylor McKessie) and Ryan (Lucas Gabriel).

High School Musical 4 release date cast
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Ashley Tisdale threw some light on the subject. She uploaded a video on Instagram where Brand Urie and Taylor Swift were seen performing “ME!”. Tisdale substituted the single with “What I’ve Been Looking For” song which was featured in High School Musical. The clip gathered everyone’s attention director Kenny Ortega who headed the trilogy’s making.


Considering the nature of the video, it is not certain if the actress would reprise her role in the fourth part. Tisdale is really grateful to be a part of the franchise, but she has moved on from her role. Vanessa Hudgens is on the same lines as Tisdale. Hudgens recently revealed that she wouldn’t like to join the cast for High School Musical 4.

High School musical 4 Ashley Tisdale

The actress believes that she is not young enough to portray the role of a high school student. On the contrary, she also won’t join in as a teacher as she is a teenager by heart.